We know everyone is excited about this event and can’t wait for September. However, in light of some past incidents, we’d like to remind you of a few rules.

People from all over the world will be attending. Please respect your fellow fans and enjoy the day. There will be zero tolerance for troublemakers. Leave the drama at the door or you will be escorted out. There will be security and the CHP on the premises. If you see anything troubling or feel unsafe, please immediately go to a staff member.

Dress comfortably any way you wish, but we ask that you not dress up as a CHP officer. This is by request of the CHP, for security reasons. Be considerate of your fellow fans and the cast and refrain from heavy perfumes or colognes. We also ask that politically themed shirts, hats and buttons be left at home.

The event and the entire hotel is smoke free, this includes e-cigarettes. There are designated smoking areas outside the hotel. Under no circumstances will alcohol be permitted on the premises.

In addition, please respect the cast members and crew. They have very kindly and generously agreed to spend the day with us. Be polite and respect their personal space. Do not hug them without asking first and refrain from kissing them or otherwise encroaching on  their personal space.

There will be a lot of people attending so please be considerate and help us make sure everyone gets a chance to talk to them. This means being polite and patient when waiting in line and respecting staff member’s directions. Anyone caught cutting in line will be asked to leave.

For the autograph session if you’d like to bring items for them to sign,  please limit them to 2 items or less. This is to be considerate of their time and of the fans in line behind you. Please do not ask them to sign any part of your body. If a staff member asks you to move along, please respect them. There are over 300 people attending so its crucial to keep things moving so everyone gets a chance to meet the cast.

If you wish to bring a gift, please make sure it is small and light. Please do not bring any edible gifts, for safety and dietary reasons.

Please don’t approach the cast on stage or during break. That is what the meet and greet session is for. If any of the actors are made to feel uncomfortable or disrespected, you will be removed by security. We have zero tolerance for any kind of inappropriate behavior.


Our goal is to put on a fun and SAFE event for all! Thank you for understanding.

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